Marketing Planning

Search Engine Marketing is a general term for promoting a company’s website or app in a constant, some what aggressive manner.  Between constantly adding informative and relative content to their website and paid advertisements, our clients goal is get the upper hand on their competitors.

Google’s algorithm is designed to reward experts in their field but promoting their listing up the search engine’s ranks.  Using tools like informative blog posts, knowledge bases, FAQs, and open support forums can generate traffic from around the World, in turn reminding Google of the clients relevance to the industry.

  • Planning for Growth
  • Determine Long Term Goals
  • Assess Digital Investments
  • Set Goals for Online Tools
  • Evaluate Performance
  • Split Testing Websites
  • Pay-Per-Click Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Search Engine Marketing
Thank you! You are the bestest in the land!

Jackie Arney Reisinger

Owner, The Jewel Box, Inc.